A weekend at John Lewis!

It’s my second year popping up at John Lewis Oxford and I have to admit, the task has yet to become any less daunting.

Weeks and weeks of planning and preparing and making and labeling with Young Mary’s stock taking over half my house. Only to show up at these massive stores and barely be able to fill two shelves!

Humbling! To say the least.

But despite all of that I have such a sense of pride seeing Young Mary’s in such an iconic store. I have to pinch myself! The partners are brilliant and the customers are amazing and the stress of it all pales in comparison when you’re finally here.

It wouldn’t happen without the team at the Great BrandExchange so a very big thank you goes to their team.

If you’re in Oxfordshire and happen to come across this, at John Lewis in Westgate on the UG floor right next to the escalators there’s a little candle stall. Pop over to say hello, it’d be lovely to meet you!