Handmade scented candles inspired by africa

Inspired By The Motherland

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At Young Mary's:

We have one mission, to help you escape the chaos of modern life
by filling your home with one-of-a-kind scent combinations that transport you across the world.
With our unique range of handmade home fragrances, inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa,
we're here to help you journey through your senses, sharing stories and encouraging conversations from places you may not have expected. Learn more!

Wax Melts and Tarts Fiber Reed Oil Diffusers, 100ml Handmade Bwari Candle Stand

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African Wonder (Ebony/Ivory) Gift Box
African Wonder (Ebony/Ivory) Gift Box
African Wonder (Ebony/Ivory) Gift Box
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The scent of this candle is divine. I bought this to remind me of my days spent in Maputo and it really transported me back. The packaging was lovely and the service was prompt. Now I just need to decide which one l'm going to get next?

Samira A.

I love this candle, the scent is perfect for this time of year and it really fills the room without being potent. I will definitely be trying out some other candles from the range.

Vivian K.

This candle is so beautiful. It smells so like trip to Marrakesh. The spices the leather the warm sweet notes. It's stunning!


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