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Lesotho - punchy and bright (Winter African Wonder)

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Handmade Scented Candle inspired by the small nation of Lesotho.

Tucked away inside South Africa, the Kingdom of Lesotho is home to some of the coolest temperatures on the continent. Lesotho is a candle that captures the cool and brisk scent of life in this small, landlocked nation. 

Fragrance profile:

Punchy and bright with a hint of citrus, a perfect candle for those slightly colder months, the exact type of weather Lesotho enjoys nearly year round.

Our standard ebony and ivory candles have an average burn time of over 35 hours with proper use. Please note, this listing is for one candle in either colored container of your choice. 

At Young Mary's all of our candles are handmade in small batches using the finest quality materials available.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa, each of our candles is made using specially blended wax that offers a creamy and luxurious appearance. Our candles are also infused with fragrances containing natural essential oils. Our candles help you escape the noise of modern life, filling your home with unique scent combinations that transport you across the world, to the Motherland itself.

As one of our winter African Wonders, Lesotho is currently available September - February.


Blended vegan candle wax

100% cotton braided wick

Fragrance oils

Essential oils

Travel candles - round welded side seam rose gold tin

Signature Collection - glass jar with glass lid

African Wonders Collection - glass jar and rose gold aluminum lid with silicone insert


Travel candles - 45mm x 65mm
Ebony candles - 90mm x 80mm
Ivory candles - 90mm x 80mm

Standard candles - 120mm x 80mm
Large candles - 120mm x 110mm
Wax Melts - 110mm x 70mm
Oil diffuser - 260mm x 70mm

Customer Reviews

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Baindu Kallon

Lesotho - punchy and bright (Winter African Wonder)

E Aradeon
Fantastic...can I subscribe, so everyday smells beautiful

These candles are a little bit of heaven on earth. I urge you to buy them. They are a delight for senses and perfect for memories. The perfect Christmas gift too! Will be buying more.

Joseph H.

These candles are great! :)

Maithreyi R.

This the first time I've tried this one and it's really beautiful. Definitely recommend.

Sam Edwin Blau

What a treat! This little candle packs a punch. A delicious aroma which perks up which ever room I light it in. Will definitely be buying again.

At Young Mary's...

We have one mission, to help you escape the chaos of modern life by filling your home with one-of-a-kind scent combinations that transport you across the world.
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